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High-End Wireless Data Acquisition System

DataNet hardware and software solution empowers any organization to control distributed networks from a single location. Using Zigbee wireless mesh network configuration, allowing for 65,000 units in each network, DataNet enables real-time monitoring of multiple test points in a single operation.

  • Reliable bi-directional transmission ensuring
    no data loss
  • Transmission range can be constantly expanded by adding additional network units
  • Minimal costs thanks to wire-free infrastructure
  • Portable units facilitating easy deployment in various environments
  • Receivers, recognizing up to 8 end units and 16 Repeaters
  • Repeaters, recognizing up to 24 end units and 16 Repeaters (simultaneously).

DataNet System contains:

DNL910 and DNL920 DNL910 and DNL920
Internal temperature and/or humidity loggers.
Supports four external inputs: 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 1 V, 0 to 50 mV, PT-100 2 wires, Thermocouples (J, K and T), Dry Contact, Pulse Counter and Frequency.
Rechargeable battery operation.

DNL910 PA and DNL920 PA DNL910 PA and DNL920 PA
Loggers with integrated power amplifier for extended range. Same supported external and internal sensors as DNL910 and DNL920.

DNR900 Receiver/Repeater DNR900 Receiver/Repeater
The heart of the system controls and collects the data from the end units. Also suitable for extending the system range.

Mini DataNet Mini DataNet Models
Cost-effective wireless single and dual channel loggers, battery operated only
DNL804 (External 4 to 20 mA)
DNL808 (External NTC 10KΩ)
DNL810 (Internal Temp/RH).

DNR800 Mini Repeater DNR800 Mini Repeater
For extending the system range.