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At fourtec, we're committed to delivering quality and timely support and communication in a friendly manner. That means being here for you whenever you need our help to perform complicated data logging tasks, installations, setups or gain a better insight into our products’ features.

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MicroLog Temperature logger (EC600)
MicroLog Temperature and Humidity logger (EC650)
MicroLog PRO Temperature logger (EC700)
MicroLog PRO Temperature and Humidity logger (EC750)
0-10 Volt external sensor
0-20 mA external sensor
External Contact adapter
External Temperature sensor
MicroLite USB logger
MicroLab software
MicroLab Lite software
MicroLab 2 XL software
Microlog Plus software
DaqPRO 8-channel logger
DaqLab software
Mini DataNet logger DNL804
Mini DataNet logger DNL808
Mini DataNet logger DNL810
DataNet logger DNL910
DataNet logger DNL910-PA
DataNet logger DNL920
DataNet logger DNL920-PA
Mini Repeater DNR800
DataNet Receiver/Repeater DNR900
DataNet GSM modem (for SMS alerts)
PT-100 sensor 2.5m (12753)
PT-100 sensor 4m (12752)
PT-100 sensor 6m (12751)
DaqLink 4 channel stand alone USB logger 4 external & 1 Internal temp. (DBSA710)
DaqLink 4 channel stand alone USB logger 4 external & 1 Internal temp. & humidity (DBSA720)
DataNet Software, DN-PC-Suite
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