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fourtec Products

fourtec products provide ideal, cost effective solutions for reliable data logging and analysis across the full spectrum of industry, including pharmaceutical, laboratories, food transportation, storage, air conditioning and ventilation, clean rooms, warehouses and galleries.

4-channel Multi-probe Standalone Data Logger
Specifically designed to incorporate the needs of field logging, the DaqLink data logger enables reliable, accurate and continuous data monitoring.

High-End Wireless Data Acquisition System
The DataNet wireless mesh data logging network is directed by event-driven security policies and leverages the power of ZigBee wireless, 2.4 GHz telemetry protocol.

The Plug and Play Mini Logger
Aesthetic and innovative, MicroLite is a small USB data logger for monitoring and recording temperature.


8-bit Quality Keeper Data Logger
A compact device for monitoring the temperature and humidity of perishable goods.


10-bit Data Logger for Innovation and Accuracy
New 10-bit MicroLog with higher sampling and memory and 4-digit LCD.


Standalone Data Acquisition and Analysis System
An 8-channel portable data acquisition and logging system with graphic displays and built-in analysis functions.