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8-bit Quality Keeper Data Logger  

Two data logger models are available:

  • Internal Temperature sensor plus one external sensor input
  • Internal Humidity and Temperature sensors plus one external sensor input

A compact 8-bit data logger capable of recording data for months, even long term shipping and storage. All data viewing, data export, and printing is done via two function keys. Both the Temperature data logger and the combined Humidity and Temperature data loggers are available together with full range of external sensors.

  • 10 year legacy of customer satisfaction, reliability and application experience
  • Up to 3 parameters: Temp, humidity and external sensors
  • Accurate, portable 8-bit (MicroLog) and 10-bit (MicroLogPRO) data loggers
  • All data viewing, export, and printing is done via two function keys
  • View up to 30 days min/max history on LCD screen
  • Water and dust proof (IP65/NEMA 4)
  • Infrared communication to portable thermal printer
  • Records months of data – up to 16,000 or 54,000 samples
  • External sensors include: Temperature, pH, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V and more
  • 4-20 mA and 0-10 V inputs allow for connection with any industry standard sensors
  • Sensor values are displayed in their own units on the LCD
  • MicroLab analysis software enabling powerful monitoring and data analysis capability


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MicroLog Integrates
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MicroLog and MicroLogPRO Comparison Table

  Microlog MicrologPRO

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Sampling Resolution 8-bit 10-bit
Internal Range -30 to 50 ˚C -30 to 50 ˚C (T) 
10 to 90% (RH)
-40 to 80 ˚C -40 to 80 ˚C
5 to 95% (RH)
Temperature Accuracy ±0.6 ˚C ±0.2 ˚C
Humidity Accuracy N/A ±3% N/A ±2%
Resolution 0.5 ˚C (-30 to -29 ˚C)
0.4 ˚C (-28 to -22 ˚C)
0.3 ˚C (-21 to 22 ˚C)
0.4 ˚C (23 to 32 ˚C)
0.5 ˚C (33 to 39 ˚C)
0.5% 0.2 ˚C (-40 to -20 ˚C)
0.1 ˚C (-21 to 50 ˚C)
0.2 ˚C (51 to 80 ˚C)
Memory Capacity 1 sensor - 16,000 samples
2 sensors - 8,000 samples
3 sensors - 5,312 samples
1 sensor - 52,000 samples
2 sensors - 26,000 samples
3 sensors -16,000 samples
Sampling Rate Minimum - 1 per 10 seconds
Maximum - 1 per 2 hours
LCD Display Two digits, 7-segments LCD Four digits, 7-segments LCD with decimal point
LCD Units Icons ˚C, ˚F, %RH, Ext ˚C, ˚F, %RH, pH, V, mA, mS, AL-H, AL-L
RS-232 Cable connection to the PC with 19200 kbps
USB - Optional N/A N/A USB 1.1

Option for quantities over 200 units with low water & dust protection
USB 1.1
Infrared Printout Minimum, maximum and duration up to 30 days
Wireless report to portable thermal printer HP82240B
Minimum, maximum and duration up to 30 days
Real-time data printout up to 128 last values
Wireless report to portable thermal printer HP82240B
Power Supply Internal Lithium battery 3.6 V, 1/2 AA, 1.2 AH
Battery Life Approximately 24 months (may vary with number of sensors connected and the sampling rate settings)
Dimensions 72 mm diameter, 22.9 mm thickness
Weight 55 g